Michael Cota

Michael Cota is a Partner at Fawkes Global

Michael Cota is a Phoenix-based private investor. From 2011 to 2020, he successfully founded, developed, and exited multiple Tech startups around the United States. Cota currently prioritizes investments in and believes in helping under served communities and woman and minority owned businesses, as well as certified B Corporations.

Most recently Michael co-founded and directed Fin Cap, a fin-tech company built to assist small businesses in applying and receiving employee payment protection forgivable loans during the Covid-19 Pandemic. In its first five months of operation, Fin Cap revenued over $400 Million and processed more than 500k funded loans. Cota made a swansong exit from Fin Cap and from entrepreneurship in June 2021 before fully transitioning to private investment.

Before co-founding Fin Cap Michael co-founded Qualytics, an organization in the private equity space that leveraged public-private partnerships and niche investment programs for its mission to help business-owners and venture capitalists to redevelop and reinvigorate economically distressed communities. Qualytics successfully executed large-scale commercial and residential real estate deals.

Cota’s longest management experience comes from his early venture, Ghost Armor. There, he opened dozens of franchise/licensee stores, primarily in the Tampa Bay, Washington D.C. and Phoenix areas through a mall kiosk business model. Throughout his three years directing Ghost Armor at both the regional and local levels, Cota led a total of 70+ team members.

With his extensive background, Michael has developed a penchant for success, while remaining committed to bettering communities and maintaining incorruptible professional integrity congruent with his core personal values.

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